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01.10.2011 00:26 by SERENITY (6 comments) Sorry And Statement From Tom Disappointingly Tom Buchberger (guitarist & composer) will not be able to be part of the upcoming Out Of The Dark... [Read more...]
30.09.2011 01:00 by SERENITY (0 comments) Paris Cancelled The show has been cancelled by the local promoter! We are sorry for this but it is really out of our force... Read... [Read more...]
17.08.2011 16:00 by SERENITY (5 comments) Serenity Joins Out Of The Dark Festival Tour 2011 Serenity will go on tour with Van Canto, Tristania, Xandria and Amberian Dawn in September/October 2011! [Read more...]
25.07.2011 16:00 by SERENITY (3 comments) New gig & new guest singer! Serenity will headline "End of Summer Festival" in Willofs (GER) on 9th of September and Clementine Delauney from... [Read more...]
12.07.2011 00:15 by SERENITY (9 comments) Serenity Forced To Cancel Metalcamp Due to an injury of keyboardist Mario Hirzinger the band is forced to cancel the long awaited gig at Metalcamp 2011! [Read more...]
14.06.2011 10:53 by SERENITY (1 comments) Absolute Dose Of Metal Vol. 1 This week we will play a cool festival in the Czech Republic! Make sure to check out the website... [Read more...]
02.06.2011 07:00 by SERENITY (6 comments) Fabio D'amore Signs Endorsement Deal Fabio D'Amore, bassist for SERENITY, FAIRYLAND & PATHOSRAY, signs bass-guitar endorsement deal with polish high... [Read more...]
18.05.2011 20:00 by SERENITY (36 comments) Tourblog 2011 Finalized Find out about our life on tour with Leave's Eyes and DELAIN all over Europe!!! This blog is being updated from... [Read more...]
16.05.2011 12:18 by SERENITY (5 comments) Lost In Thought Car Accident The highly motivated and talented band Lost In Thought from Wales (UK) had to cancel the rest of the tour. They had... [Read more...]
20.04.2011 12:00 by SERENITY (4 comments) Death & Legacy LTD - SOLD OUT!!! The limited digipack edition of "Death & Legacy" is sold out!!! That means that no shop all over Europe will get... [Read more...]
07.04.2011 12:00 by SERENITY (6 comments) Tours Incoming! The upcoming touring activities with Leave's Eyes and later on Delain start on April 23rd!!! Make sure to get your... [Read more...]
14.03.2011 17:30 by SERENITY (3 comments) Lisa Middelhauve (ex-Xandria) joins Serenity for upcoming touring activities We are happy to announce that Lisa Middelhauve (ex-XANDRIA) will join SERENITY for our upcoming touring activities... [Read more...]
01.03.2011 01:00 by SERENITY (1 comments) 2 New Shows With Epica! We are happy to announce 2 more tourdates as support act to famous dutch symphonic metal band EPICA! Those 2 shows... [Read more...]
24.02.2011 07:10 by SERENITY (1 comments) New Merchandise!!!! New Shirts, Girlies & Zippers! The official SERENITY Online Shop is now completed as the new shirts have been added and can now be purchased. The... [Read more...]
23.02.2011 22:30 by SERENITY (0 comments) SERENITY Austria Tour 2011 SERENITY will perform 4 shows within the next couple of weeks in Austria! 04.03.2011 - GRAZ (support to Visions Of...
21.02.2011 07:30 by SERENITY (0 comments) UPDATE!! New Merch On The Way... New Tourdates!!! By the end of next week we will have the new merchandise available! We are happy to announce some more tourdates!... [Read more...]
25.01.2011 10:00 by SERENITY (2 comments) "The Chevalier" music video revealed!!! "The Chevalier" music video featuring Ailyn from norwegian band SIRENIA can now be seen on Youtube and on... [Read more...]
22.01.2011 17:05 by SERENITY (2 comments) First Death & Legacy Reviews & Listening Sessions First "Death & Legacy" reviews and listening session reports are coming in! The first review was written by "That... [Read more...]
18.01.2011 21:44 by SERENITY (0 comments) Thomas Buchberger Signs Endorsement Deal Thomas Buchberger, guitarist & composer for SERENITY, signs guitar endorsement deal with polish high quality... [Read more...]
07.01.2011 01:00 by SERENITY (1 comments) Serenity At Metalcamp 2011 & Metalfest Hungary 2011 SERENITY will perform at Metalcamp 2011 in Slovenia. The festival will take place from 11.07.2011 - 17.07.2011. The... [Read more...]
22.12.2010 15:00 by SERENITY (10 comments) Ailyn from Sirenia on Death & Legacy SERENITY found the perfect female counterpart to leadsinger Georg Neuhauser for a song called "The Chevalier"... [Read more...]
19.12.2010 20:00 by SERENITY (18 comments) New Album = New Website The upcoming release of "Death and Legacy" made us think on improvements on our website. And so we put a whole lot... [Read more...]
11.12.2010 20:00 by SERENITY (0 comments) Lets move... Hi folks.... Let me just tell you some things about our current status! Everything is done... Napalm Records is... [Read more...]
01.12.2010 23:53 by SERENITY (0 comments) Sale Sale Sale Hi metal heads! Let me tell you it’s time again for a ‘Christmas special’ in our shop! We’ve reduced the... [Read more...]
25.08.2010 16:16 by SERENITY (0 comments) Simon Holzknecht leaves Serenity In SERENITY's history, this is the first truly sad message we have to publish. Simon Holzknecht - bass guitars -... [Read more...]
25.08.2010 15:00 by SERENITY (1 comments) Serenity on tour with Delain As some of you may have realized (via some newsentries spread all over the web), SERENITY will tour all over Europe... [Read more...]
24.07.2010 23:48 by SERENITY (0 comments) Death & Legacy Hi there, our upcoming album "Death and Legacy" is still progressing! Slowly but it is progressing... We have so... [Read more...]
11.04.2010 23:32 by SERENITY (0 comments) Show date at Metalfest Austria & live report We're performing on Wednesday! ... and Wednesday is the 12th of May!! There'll be a special Napalm Records label... [Read more...]
27.03.2010 23:39 by SERENITY (0 comments) Studio Message Here is a little video report directly out of our studio! See Video [Read more...]
21.03.2010 23:49 by SERENITY (0 comments) Update On New Songs... I've been working on the last couple of songs for about 3 days now and I have to admit that I underestimated how... [Read more...]
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