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03.02.2015 20:39 by SERENITY (0 comments) Tom Buchberger leaves SERENITY Yes... I left SERENITY! And I want everyone out there to know some things and maybe understand my reasons a bit... [Read more...]
11.03.2014 12:24 by SERENITY (3 comments) Support For Within Temptation In Vienna Bratislava Serenity is going to support Within Temptation in Bratislava on March 12th and in Vienna on March 15th! [Read more...]
15.07.2013 12:24 by SERENITY (1 comments) New gig with DELAIN November 8th We are very happy to participate to Delain's special "My Masquerade" show on November the 8th at Haarlem, Paatronat... [Read more...]
15.07.2013 12:24 by SERENITY (2 comments) Finally some news... SERENITY ON TOUR IN 2014!!! See tourdates and homepage for more info... [Read more...]
04.06.2013 18:30 by SERENITY (3 comments) Site Updates... Finally the website has been updated! Clemi added, reduced shop prices, added Vinyl LP, Hoodies, updated history,... [Read more...]
03.03.2013 18:30 by SERENITY (5 comments) Ticket info... Our "War Of Ages" European tour is incoming... Get your tickets here! [Read more...]
21.01.2013 18:30 by SERENITY (13 comments) New singer Clementine Delauney! “War Of Ages”, upcoming record of SERENITY to be released March 22nd, will introduce a major change in the... [Read more...]
14.01.2013 23:30 by SERENITY (18 comments) SERENITY - War Of Ages After a year of composing, writing, producing, designing and recording SERENITY is extremely proud to share first... [Read more...]
30.10.2012 09:31 by SERENITY (9 comments) Mario Hirzinger quits SERENITY With great mourning we have to tell you all that our dear friend, keyboardist, song & lyrics writer as well as... [Read more...]
09.10.2012 18:58 by SERENITY (10 comments) Shows cancelled... SERENITY had to cancel all shows scheduled for NOV/DEC 2012 in order to keep our time schedule for our upcoming... [Read more...]
18.09.2012 20:01 by SERENITY (9 comments) PP USA... Overwhelming Response!!! ProgPower USA was just amazing and therefore SERENITY says THANX to all of you! [Read more...]
06.09.2012 12:23 by SERENITY (3 comments) ProgPower incoming... SERENITY is going to play their first USA gig next week on the PP USA together with bands such as Kamelot, Symphony... [Read more...]
04.07.2012 20:53 by SERENITY (2 comments) Support To Jethro Tull This caught us by surprise - but it's awesome to announce SERENITY as support to Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson in... [Read more...]
19.03.2012 20:01 by SERENITY (5 comments) Don't miss out... Don't miss our upcoming shows this week in Pratteln (Thursday), Cardiff (Saturday) and London (Sunday)!!! UPDATED:... [Read more...]
21.02.2012 20:01 by SERENITY (19 comments) Next Album - Work In Progress Some updates on our plans, the next album, work in progress, etc. [Read more...]
22.01.2012 18:32 by SERENITY (3 comments) New Booking Agency We are very happy to announce our new booking agency - TWISTED TALENT! No one else than Jörg Michael... [Read more...]
24.12.2011 13:30 by SERENITY (2 comments) Merry X-MAS to all of you... We wish you a merry X-MAS! Thanks for your support over the years and have some beautiful days with your beloved... [Read more...]
01.12.2011 07:00 by SERENITY (1 comments) X-Mas Sale & Free Shipping (UPDATE) Christmas incoming... Therefore we reduced all our merch prices and all orders with a total amount of € 20 and... [Read more...]
10.11.2011 22:40 by SERENITY (11 comments) New Video Incoming - "When Canvas Starts To Burn" Get ready for a massive fire attack... Our new music video for the song "When Canvas Starts To Burn" will be... [Read more...]
27.10.2011 18:16 by SERENITY (0 comments) Sons Of Seasons & Serenity On December the 14th Serenity will play a co-headlining gig with Sons Of Seasons in Ludwigsburg in the Rockfabrik!
01.10.2011 00:26 by SERENITY (6 comments) Sorry And Statement From Tom Disappointingly Tom Buchberger (guitarist & composer) will not be able to be part of the upcoming Out Of The Dark... [Read more...]
30.09.2011 01:00 by SERENITY (0 comments) Paris Cancelled The show has been cancelled by the local promoter! We are sorry for this but it is really out of our force... Read... [Read more...]
17.08.2011 16:00 by SERENITY (5 comments) Serenity Joins Out Of The Dark Festival Tour 2011 Serenity will go on tour with Van Canto, Tristania, Xandria and Amberian Dawn in September/October 2011! [Read more...]
25.07.2011 16:00 by SERENITY (3 comments) New gig & new guest singer! Serenity will headline "End of Summer Festival" in Willofs (GER) on 9th of September and Clementine Delauney from... [Read more...]
12.07.2011 00:15 by SERENITY (9 comments) Serenity Forced To Cancel Metalcamp Due to an injury of keyboardist Mario Hirzinger the band is forced to cancel the long awaited gig at Metalcamp 2011! [Read more...]
14.06.2011 10:53 by SERENITY (1 comments) Absolute Dose Of Metal Vol. 1 This week we will play a cool festival in the Czech Republic! Make sure to check out the website... [Read more...]
02.06.2011 07:00 by SERENITY (6 comments) Fabio D'amore Signs Endorsement Deal Fabio D'Amore, bassist for SERENITY, FAIRYLAND & PATHOSRAY, signs bass-guitar endorsement deal with polish high... [Read more...]
18.05.2011 20:00 by SERENITY (36 comments) Tourblog 2011 Finalized Find out about our life on tour with Leave's Eyes and DELAIN all over Europe!!! This blog is being updated from... [Read more...]
16.05.2011 12:18 by SERENITY (5 comments) Lost In Thought Car Accident The highly motivated and talented band Lost In Thought from Wales (UK) had to cancel the rest of the tour. They had... [Read more...]
20.04.2011 12:00 by SERENITY (4 comments) Death & Legacy LTD - SOLD OUT!!! The limited digipack edition of "Death & Legacy" is sold out!!! That means that no shop all over Europe will get... [Read more...]
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25.08.2017 RO Magura Wave Festival
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