Franz-Josef Hauser



  • Lecturer for piano at the University of Music and performing arts Vienna
  • Pianist, keyboardist, conductor, songwriter and teacher in different styles of music: classical, rock, jazz, metal...
  • Official Guest Musician for Serenity since 2007 (Tours, Festivals, Live and Studio Albums: for exmaple „Fairytales Piano Version“ and „Love of my Life“ on the album „War of Ages“


  • I play all pianos and keyboards with 88, 76 and 61 keys


  • QUEEN – The Miracle
  • TOTO – Tambu and Toto IV
  • KAMELOT – The black Halo
  • METALLICA – Black Album
  • EXTREME – Pornograffiti
  • VAN HALEN – 1984


  • Leonard Bernstein
  • David Paich
  • Jordan Rudess
  • Steve Lukather
  • John Williams
  • Friedrich Gulda
  • Alfred Brendel


  • Books about Music Theory
  • Sheetmusic
  • Books with a lot of pictures ;-)

Movies, TV shows and music DVDs

  • Indiana Jones (all!!)
  • Intouchables
  • Hitch, the Date Doktor
  • Hannibal Lecter Films (Thriller,..)

Favourite food

  • „Wiener Schnitzel“ with cranberries and potato salad
  • All Salads
  • Sushi

Favourite drink

  • Cola Mix
  • Red Bull Cola
  • Tirolean Water from the Mountains

Best Serenity gig so far

  • Masters of ROCK 2014 (CZ), 30 000 fans
  • Hammerfall Tour 2015 and much more concerts!!

Best visited concert

  • TOTO (2014, Arena Vienna)


  • cinema
  • visiting big cities (New York, Bangkok...)
  • geocaching

Personal music history

I started playing different instruments at the age of 6: clarinet, piano, organ, harp, guitar, base. Then at the age of 12 I realized that the piano is my real passion: at first only classical piano music (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert...) but more and more also Rock, Pop, Jazz and also Metal (Georg, with whom I was 4 years in school was the man who teached me listening to the „right“ Metal musicJ). Later, at the age of 19 I began to study Music Education and Piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Today I try to bend the balancing act between various musical genres: from classical to jazz, from pop to metal, from fusion to folklore. I love playing in a traditional concert hall as much as on a large festival-rock stage.

Goals for the future

To stay happy in life